More Than 200 People Were Reportedly Killed By The Bomb Blast At Kano Central Mosque Yesterday


Eyewitnesses allege that three bombs went off one after the other at the 10,000 capacity Mosque during the Friday Jumat prayers. The Emir of Kano usually leads prayers in that mosque, but he was out of the country when the incident occurred. He left the night before. Two went off inside the Mosque, and one outside. And when people tried to flee the scene, gun men opened fire on worshipers. Many of the casualties were children who couldn’t run as fast. Some were trampled to death in the mayhem that ensued.

After the incident,  the dead and wounded were taken to the Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital and the Nasarawa Hospital.

The Chief Imam of Masalacin Nakuka of Naibawa quarters, Alarama Muhammadu Inuwa, yesterday, shortly after the blasts, narrated to Vanguard how he survived the triple explosions that ripped through the Kano central mosque.

Inuwa who survived the blast alongside his 32 – year old son, Ahmad Inuwa, said

“Allah is alive. What I witnessed today (yesterday) was a journey through the valley of hell.”.

The septuagenarian added:

“For two years I have not set my foot on this mosque. I was compelled by certain exigencies bothering on Islamic knowledge to come here, which brought me closer to death.

“We were set for the prayers when we had the first, it was accompanied with sporadic gunshot and the ensuing confusion triggered wailing among worshipers, who ran in different directions for safety.

“I saw lifeless bodies as I fled the scene. I saw blind beggars running for safety. I saw the old and the young being trampled,  and I saw people crying as if the end of the world has come. Indeed, it was an unpleasant experience. “How I escaped is still a mystery to me as my son I were involved in the race for life.”


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