15 Crazy Costumes Miley Cyrus Wore on Her Bangerz Tour

She’s just being Miley while on her sold-out tours all around the world with that tongue that is probably collecting dust from being in the air all the time. Miley Cyrus does not change into office wear or clothes that you would wear to church during her Bangerz tour. She also does not change into school uniforms or wedding attire. These outfits would actually be a nice and unpredictable change for the young star. Come on, just imagine Hannah Montana sitting in a cubicle on stage with Tina Fey glasses and a Hilary Clinton-style suit. Now crush those dreams because these 15 costume changes contain only the Miley-est of outfits to shock and please her fans.

source: www.thefader.com

The Paris fashion house called Kenzo created this outfit for the Bangerz show in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s got eyes on it. It’s possibly a metaphor for being watched or people who have mutated to the point where they have eyeballs inside of their body. Perhaps this is Miley’s plan to save the forests and stop pollution before we become mutated eye-people.


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