Seun KutiAfrobeat Act Speaks On Early Criticism

Seun Kuti was haunted by Fela’s large shadow early in his career

seun-kutieun Kuti in an interview has disclosed the early criticism he faced when he started his career in Afrobeat. The music act who has just come back from a lengthy world tour said Egypt 80 fans said he wasn’t as good as his father,

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

I got some support, but not a lot. The fans wanted to see their man. They kept comparing me to Fela and saying, ‘He’s not as good as his dad.’ But it didn’t faze me much” said Seun Kuti in his interview with Green Global Travel.

He went on to further say the comparisons between him and his father were too early. “Anybody comparing me to Fela when I was 15 was just dumb. They said, “It’s not good. He’s not writing his own songs.” Why should I be writing Afrobeat songs at 15? I was playing the sax and performing Fela covers well, but nobody could see this development” he said.

Seun Kuti’s latest album A Long Way To The Beginning was rated 3 stars out of 5 by Slant Magazine.

Afrobeat musician and son of Fela Kuti, Seun Kuti is back home after a long and gruelling ten months on the road. Seun Kuti has toured extensively this year in promoting his latest album A Long Way To The Beginning.

Seun Kuti came back to the country this weekend after ending his tour on November 2 in Atlas, Aarhus, Denmark. The tour comprised of 70 concerts, and spanned 4 continents.

Upon getting back to the country, the Afrobeat act went to Kalakuta Republic and paid homage at the tomb of his late iconic father. He also posted a picture of him spending with his daughter Ifafunmike Kuti.

Seun Kuti started his tour on February 4, 2014 at Village Underground, London, UK.


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