Did Rihanna’s Naked Pics Get Her Banned From Instagram?

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Is Rihanna too racy for Instagram? Last week, the provocative pop star posted topless and bottomless shots of her Lui magazine shoot to her 12 million followers, which Instagram removed, claiming they violated their nudity rules.

Well, Riri just went ahead and posted them to her Tw

1280 × 960 – boomsbeat.com

itter instead. She also posted a frumpy meme of herself, saying: “Rih’s next magazine cover if it was up to Instagram.” And on Monday, her Insta account completely disappeared…so did Instagram disable her account or did Rihanna herself opt to delete it?
“We don’t know what happened but have been looking into it,” Ri’s rep said in an email about her missing account. Instagram said they accidentally temporarily deactivated it, but why isn’t it back up by now if it was an error?

Hey, if you can’t handle her pics, there’s always the “Unfolow” button, right? Bring back @BadGalRiri, please!l


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