Why Beyonce’s Being Accused of Photoshopping Her Instagram Pic

Cristina Gibson
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We love that Beyonce is usually so empowering in her music about loving yourself and your body, but some people think that the “Pretty Hurts” singer is Photoshopping her own Instagram snaps to look thinner.

In the photo above she posted on Sunday, she seems happy and relaxed as she kicks back in the sun with a glass of wine. You can see her husband Jay-Z in the back snapping the pic.

But if you look at the idyllic summer scene more closely, you can notice that her iPhone on the table looks warped and bent funny and the wineglass closest to her phone is also an elongated, odd shape.

It could be way the sunbeams are hitting the photo to make these strange shapes and angles, or could it be that she Photoshopped her lower half to look smaller?

Back in April, the 32-year-old was accused of adding a thigh gap to her legs by some of her followers, so it’s not the first time her personal pics have caused controversy.

Then again, with filters galore and apps to help you take better selfies, it seems no one takes an honest pic these days. But if you are going to tweak your photos to make yourself look thinner, at least make it less obvious when you have 11 million followers, right?


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