**Warning, the above video contains copious amounts of booty-shaking**

You know that expression “don’t quit your day job?” Well, apparently this former pre-kindergarten teaching assistant had either never heard it or decided everyone was wrong because she just did exactly that so that she could focus on becoming a professional twerker. Yep, you read that right – A professional twerker.
The job, which we thought had already been filled by Miley Cyrus, is apparently pretty lucrative.

While Jessica Vanessa didn’t want to disclose the exact amount of her “six-figure” income, she did say that what she makes in six seconds now (on Vine) would have taken her about four months to make at her old job. Apparently, the money comes from mentioning products to her 2 million followers during her videos.

Jessica also says that her family is open-minded and supportive. In fact, her brother Joshua is her camera man!

Check out the video above to see the professional twerker in action.


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