SEE How Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend Covered Tattoo of her face & Name on his chest! [Photos] Last year summer, Nicki Miinaj’s boyfriend, Safaree Sam, drew massive tattoo of her face and name on his chest and arm, just like Nick Cannon did to Mariah Carey’s tattoo, he has covered them up with a new tat.
They are rumoured to have broken up a few months after he drew the tattoos and in May Nicki tweeted; ‘Single and Ready to mingle’

According to UrbanIslandz, saying she is single is just for her career, so as not to push away her male fans.

Nicki loves Safaree But, She didn’t like the attention the tattoos were bringing because she wants to keep her personal life very private.

‘They did had an argument about it because Safaree loves the tats but Nicki Minaj doesn’t but they are coming from far and knows each other before fame so they worked it out.

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