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The actresses should be in their late 40s. Both of them are not only fair skinned, they are also from the Eastern part of the country. Although one is from Anambra and the other is from Abia State. The one from Anambra has never been married, but she has a child out of wedlock. The other one does not have any yet. But she’s been married, even though the marriage later crumbled.

The two of them made their names starring in two popular soap operas that are defunct now. They, however, became more popular with the advent of Nollywood. Where they took part in some of the earliest movies which catapulted their popularity to the roof top and also made them household names.

Alphabets F and N begin their first names, and alphabets JD that of the boyfriend in question. Lady N was going out with JD before Lady F snatched him from her, after offering the South South dude a role in her movie. Now, there is serious tension on their set. Not only that, the two of them have become sworn enemies, with Lady N threatening that no woman can snatch her man and go scot free. Including Lady F. The lover boy, was dating another pretty lady that shares the same name with his aggrieved lover before they parted ways. Also into modelling, he’s good looking and said to be very, very good in bed. He is equally in his 40 and still single.


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