Buy your wholesale ladies shoes at Shoes In Bulk

A wholesale ladies shoes company located in Lagos Nigeria, delivering bulk buy of ladies footwear. With as little as N30,000 you can start selling. We cater to “bridal trains” too.We do not sell for personal use. We help stores restock shoes, and business minded people start the business too. All our shoes are from the US, we do not sell substandard shoes. Our wholesale prices are from N1800($11)-N3800($23)

5 reasons Why you should buy from us?
1)We save you the stress of buying abroad and carrying and paying excess luggage.
2)We sell at the same price as the market or in some cases less than the market(why go through all the hustle)
3) we are consistent,we restock every week.
4) our goods are unique
5)We offer doorstep delivery in Lagos,and way-bill out of Lagos

How do you sell?
We sell our wholesale shoes in sets of 10,15,20,30 upwards size 36-42(that way we can ensure that the people who buy from us our genuine resellers.)


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