I’m hot and s*xy!!! I Left Nollywood Because All The Men Wanted to Sle*p With Me:– Beautiful Actress Ine Aju Reveal

ineajuMany of use had thought that beautiful Ine Aju is one of the young actresses that would go far and do well in the movie industry in Nigeria, but she is no longer in Nollywood. In fact the babe has left acting for now she is now pursuing a career in music full time. But what happened?
The actress-cum-singer said almost all the producers in Nollywood wanted to get between her legs:
“I do my things in my own way. I quit acting for music because I was not getting the kind of roles I wanted and also the constant s*xual abuses from producers. I still have plans to go back to acting in a bigger way. My fans should expect more singles and nice videos from me.”

It would be recalled that a Movie Director recently declared that there is nothing wrong with a young actress and a producer enjoying themselves. I guess it’s people like that who drove Ine Aju out of Nollywood. lol!

Anyway, she says she will be back but in a big way, probably when she has made good cash from singing.


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